Dental prophylaxis is achieved through professional dental care treatments, consisting of intensive cleaning of teeth and gums. Dental prophylaxis is very important for stopping gingival disease and periodontal disease while providing optimal oral health, natural color texture and gum firmness, all of which contribute to a beautiful look of your smile

Star Dental Clinic offers the possibility of regular prophylactic treatments performed by dental hygienists specially trained for customized dental hygiene programs for each patient: airflow, scaling, fluoridation, trench and festoon sealing, professional brushing. The staff of our clinic will remind you every 6 months of the need to perform the professional dental hygiene service.



  • Tartar removal – plaque accumulation and dental plaque both above and below the gum line can lead to serious periodontal problems. Unfortunately, even with daily dental brushing and using dental floss it is impossible to remove all the debris and bacteria that are deposited behind the gum. It requires experienced hygiene physician eyes and specialized equipment to remove potentially harmful bacteria and debris.
  • Smarter smile – stained and yellowed teeth can dramatically reduce the aesthetics of a smile. Dental prophylaxis is an effective treatment for the removal of unsightly spots
  • A fresh breath – bad breath indicates in most cases the advancement of periodontal disease. A combination of rotting food patriches and gum gangrene results in a disgusting breath, termed in medical terms by mouth hale. Routine removal of dental plaque, calculus, and bacteria in our clinic can significantly reduce mouthfeel, while reducing the risk of infection of the gums


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