There is no reason for fissures between teeth or faded teeth, crooks!

oday, dental facets are able to correct natural impurities or the result of an accident and can help you have a beautiful smile. Ceramic facets are an attractive solution for patients who do not want to use dentistry for teeth

 Dental facets can give you the smile without the discomfort of a painful surgical procedure and without damaging your teeth. Dental facets, sometimes called ceramic facets or porcelain blades, are very thin blades made of tooth-colored material designed to cover the front surface of the tooth. These blades are attached to the front surface of the teeth to improve the shape, size and length of the tooth

Dental facets can be inserted on the natural teeth without affecting the sensitive dental structures. We always try to get the best aesthetic results and at the same time do our best to remove as little as possible from the tooth structure, this is a very important thing because there is no dental material as good as the tissue of your own tooth healthy.

The facets can be made of porcelain (ceramic) or composite material (resins). Porcelain faces resist more than the composite, and much better reflects the reflection of light on the tooth, and the advantage of composite faces is that it has very small thicknesses – to make the best decision you need to discuss with our esthetic specialist.

Composite facets can be attached directly to the tooth or made by a dental technician, the porcelain faces are made with special CAD / CAM.

Doing dental faces at Star Dental Clinic requires at least two visits within 5 days. On the first visit, the physician will remove 0.5mm of enamel from the tooth surface to make the face, then take a footprint for the lab and build and attach a temporary facet to be worn until the 2nd session. During the second visit the doctor will attach the final dental face to the tooth (permanent procedure). For this use a special cement and a laser beam that will strengthen this cement. You will be very pleased to note that the appearance of the dental faces is the same as the natural teeth!

Dental facets have a duration of use between 10 and 15 years, there is no need for additional maintenance treatments, rather than proper toothbrushing, dental flossing and half-year hygienic visits to the dentist. Although dental faces are stain resistant, Star Dental Clinic specialists recommend avoiding abuse of coffee, red wine or tobacco to maintain the aesthetics of your facets in time.

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