A dental crown is a „cap” tooth, covering an existing tooth (or dental implant), in order to restore shape, size and strength, and restore the appearance of the initial tooth. The crown completely covers the visible portion of the tooth, the lower part of the crown being placed just above the gum line.

The main reasons why the patient needs a dental crown are:

  • the tooth has been broken or weakened by the cavities or by a large seal
  • in the case of endodontic treatment of canal obstruction, to protect what is left of the tooth
  • To cover a dental implant

Ceramic dental crowns offer an alternative to composite restorations. Designed to fit perfectly with the shadow and shape of the tooth, it is durable, strong and very close to the appearance of a natural tooth

Dental crowns are strong, protecting and strengthening the structure of the rest of the natural tooth. In the hands of dental practitioners at Star Dental Clinic, a crown will fit perfectly on the tooth surface, reducing the size of the gap between the crown and tooth, thus preventing the appearance of dental caries under the crown.

The crown must be placed on a tooth before it is highly chiselled to avoid fracture. Realizing this in due course often avoids the need for the cost of an endodontic root canal treatment in the future. Also prevents removal of the fractured tooth which would then require additional replacement costs with a bridge or dental implant

Dental crown procedure requires at least two visits to the clinic:

  • the first visit to prepare the dental impression (tooth molding), choosing the color of the ceramic crown and making a temporary dental crown.
  • second visit: Matching and gluing of the permanent dental crown.

Between the two processes there are periods of time between 1 and 2 weeks.


The specialist at Star Dental Clinic will prepare the tooth by piloting, with the final result being the ideal shape for crown fixing. It consists in removing the outer surface of the tooth, keeping a strong interior. The thickness of the distal dental tissue will be the same as that of the crown. The dentist will take a fingerprint of the prepared tooth and neighboring teeth (the opposite jaw and adjacent teeth) to mark the way the bite is made to make sure it is comfortable for drinking, eating etc. The fingerprint is sent to the dental technician along with the corresponding color shade and other information needed to build the crown. The dentist makes a provisional acrylic crown to offer


During this visit the dentist will check the color and fit the new ceramic dental crown, if it is medically appropriate and the patient is satisfied with its aesthetics, the dental crown will be fixed with a special dental cement or with adhesive, . Properly groomed dental crown will last for many years, good oral dental hygiene and regular dental visits to sanitation will greatly help you extend its use.


Typically, after completing the work, the patient experiences a certain amount of discomfort for a few days, mild pain while chewing, or increased sensitivity to temperature variations. If a recently cemented dental crown is too high or you think the bite is bad, you will need to see the dentist.


Please note that the strength of a dental crown depends to a large extent on the materials used, but also on oral hygiene, diet and health of the teeth and gums. It is important to maintain your oral hygiene by brushing and using the dental floss properly.

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